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Valerie Products Mfg., Inc “VPMI”

Valerie Product Mfg., Inc.(VPMI) and OTC entered into the Technical Assistance since January 30, 2014. OTC has been providing technical information to VPMI in any aspects for manufacturing high quality automotive parts, die, checking fixture and jigs as well as technical training to the trainees from VPMI who dispatched to train at OTC’s plant. At the same time, OTC has also dispatched many competent Supervisors and Engineers to provide technical advisories, techniques including special skill and know-how to VPMI staffs at VPMI’s plant.

In 2017 OTC has been providing technical assistances and making sets of automotive Tools & Dies for VPMI to serve its main client, Toyota Motor Philippines Corp., Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation, and Honda Philippines Inc. VPMI’s main products are Automotive Components part, Fuel Tank Assy for Automobiles, Fuel Tank Parts for Motorcycles, Metal pressed parts for refrigerators and Air Conditioners. To access more information about VPMI please visit to www.vso.com.ph

Contract Establishment
January 30, 2014

Factory Location
PTC Complex, Bo.
Maduya, Carmona,
Cavite, The Philippines 4116

Number of Employees
155 Permanent Staff
103 Sub-Contractual staff

Body Shell parts for Automobiles
Suspension parts for Automobiles
Fuel Tank Assy for Automobiles
Fuel Tank parts for Motorcycles
Metal Pressed parts for Refrigerators and Air Conditioners

Toyota Motor Philippines Corp.
Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation
Isuzu Philippines Corporation
Honda Philippines Inc.
Panasonic Manufacturing Corporation of the Philippines
Concepcion Durable Inc.
Koppel Inc.

Annual Working Day and Daily Working Hours
294 Days

Monday – Saturday:
08:00 – 17:00 hrs.

Current Quality System Award
ISO14001 EMS

Current Activities
Toyota Production System
Safety Activities

Website : www.vso.com.ph

172 Ladkrabang Industrial Estate, Soi
Chalongkrung 31, Chalongkrung Road, Lamplathiw,
Ladkrabang, Bangkok 10520

Tel : +662-7396070-9 , +662-3260433-6
Fax : +662-3260149
E-Mail :